(This webinar is held in English)

Implementing a Data Governance based on Data Virtualization

Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo, talks with Richard Madsack, Principal Consultant Data Governance QuinScape, about the challenges customers face when implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization.

When you talk about the term "Data Governance," you tend to get very different answers as to define it. The two speakers discuss a common understanding of the term and explain why Data Governance and Data Virtualization are closely related. From a customer's perspective, Inessa Gerber talks about common challenges a customer faces when deploying Data Virtualization and how important a Data Catalog is, which is usually a starting point when companies want to implement a Data Governance initiative. She shares advice from her experience on how customers can best deal with the obstacles that need to be overcome.

At the end of the webinar, Inessa and Richard talk about the trending topic of "Data Mesh." Is Data Mesh just a "jumping on the train" concept because it's being hyped right now, or will it change the way we interact with data in the future. What impact will data mesh have on the concept of Data Governance?

Join this session to learn:

  • How can we put Data Virtualization in the context of Data Governance?
  • What are typical challenges when a customer implements a Data Governance initiative and how to overcome them?
  • Why it is sometimes a good idea to have more than one Data Catalog?
  • Will Data Mesh concepts change the way we deal with data?



Inessa Gerber, denodo




Richard Madsack, QuinScape GmbH








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