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How to handle a complex data landscape? Building a Logical Data Fabric with Data Virtualization.

In our expert interview, Alberto Pan, CTO Denodo Technologies, and Philip Moston, Principal Consultant for Data & Analytics at QuinScape, talk about dealing with complex data landscapes in which businesses need a unified view on data despite having many different data sources or applications.

The two experts discuss the way to handle this complexity by means of “Data Virtualization” and the construction of a Logical Data Fabric. They highlight the history of “Data Virtualization” and explain how this concept supports agile scenarios in today's data architectures. Alberto gives technical insights and presents some use cases to show how companies can easily benefit from this concept.   

At the end of the discussion, get a “sneak peak” on Denodo's planned upcoming release and be the first to know about the latest trend as announced by Alberto.


What you learn:

  • Brief overview of the topic “Data Virtualization” and its history

  • How to benefit from a “Logical Data Fabric” powered by “Data Virtualization”

  • How this changes the way we deal with data in the future

  • Why is a strong data governance required for using this concept

  • How will the future of “Data Virtualization” look like and what are upcoming trends



Alberto Pan, denodo



Philip Moston

Philip Moston, QuinScape GmbH








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