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"Jonathan Sunderland from Ab Initio: What I learned from 30 years of data"

Jonathan Sunderland, Data Evangelist at Ab Initio Software, a company specializing in high-volume data processing applications and enterprise application integration software, talks with Gero Presser, QuinScape, about the various stages of his career, how it has led him through the world of data, and why mistakes make you smarter for the future.

Jonathan talks about his various jobs in a variety of companies, including Director of Data Science for Sony PlayStation and for a large insurance company. One question that has been on his mind throughout his career is how mistakes can lead to better decisions and how to establish the right culture of error. Using practical examples, he explains the challenges he faces when something has not worked out as expected and what practical advice there is to overcome and even learn from these situations.

Jonathan Sunderland and Gero Presser discuss the challenges associated with critical thinking and the role of data literacy, which addresses the question, "How do I question data in a critical way?". They also talk about their key recommendations for organizations facing these challenges and the key trends in the field.


About Jonathan Sunderland

Jonathan is a transformational data leader with over 30 years’ experience of development, analytics and building enduring data capabilities at companies such as Experian, Sky, Sony PlayStation, Direct Line Group and Ab Initio. With roles ranging from developer, analyst, solution architect through to director of data science his broad range of practical experience provides a unique insight into the world of data and systems thinking.


Join this session to learn:

  • establish an error culture which leads you to better decisions
  • concept of critical thinking and data literacy
  • how do I question data critically and correctly


Jonathan Sunderland

Jonathan Sunderland, Ab Initio Software LLC



Dr. Gero Presser

Dr. Gero Presser, QuinScape GmbH








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