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"Decision Intelligence - a revolution in how we use data to make decisions"

Omri Kohl, co-founder and CEO of Pyramid, talks to Gero Presser, QuinScape, about Decision Intelligence and how it is revolutionizing the way we make decisions.

Decision Intelligence is what’s next in analytics; it describes how the structured provision, analysis and preparation of data improves the decision-making process. As CEO of Pyramid, Omri Kohl is a firm believer in this concept; the Pyramid Decision Intelligence platform enables organizations to dramatically accelerate decision-making and is revolutionizing the business intelligence and analytics market.

Omri Kohl and Gero Presser discuss why companies should turn to Decision Intelligence instead of Business Intelligence, what challenges Decision Intelligence helps companies to overcome, and the role of AI. They also explain the benefits of personalized Decision Intelligence and why corporate culture cannot be overlooked when companies want to become truly data-driven.

About Omri Kohl: 

Omri Kohl is the CEO and co-founder of Pyramid Analytics. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform delivers data-driven insights for anyone to make faster, more intelligent decisions. He leads the company's strategy and operations through a fast-growing data and analytics market. Kohl brings a deep understanding of analytics and AI technologies, valuable management experience, and a natural ability to challenge conventional thinking. Kohl is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in developing and managing fast-growth companies. He studied economics, finance, and business management at Bar-Ilan University and has an MBA in International Business Management from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Join this session to learn:

  • What Decision Intelligence is
  • The difference between Decision Intelligence and Business Intelligence
  • The advantages of Decision Intelligence
  • Future trends and developments in this field
  • How Decision Intelligence helps your company to make better decisions



Omri Kohl, Pyramid Analytics



Dr. Gero Presser

Dr. Gero Presser, QuinScape GmbH








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